Quality Standards

As Onesto Concept, we would like to talk about our understanding of “QUALITY” which is our priority;

Starting from the right supply materials selection, which is the starting stage of our production, we continue with the right production in order to ensure our “QUALITY” standard, which is one of our main philosophies since the first day we were established.

Our products, which come out of the technological machine park by our expert staff, can pass through a meticulous quality control process consisting of four stages and become ready for shipment with our first class packaging and stacking understanding.

Warranty Period

Our products reach our users by passing through 4 different quality control points against all kinds of production defects, however, all of our products are guaranteed for 2 years against problems that may occur.

Warranty Conditions

Our products are fully protected against defects of all kinds of production and supplied semi-finished products that are not user error.

Product User Manual

It is very important and necessary to follow the recommendations below in order to preserve the beauty and durability of the Furniture and Armchairs for a long time.
* Do not use your furniture out of its functions.
* The floor on which the furniture will be placed must be smooth and dry.
* In case of moving house or changing the location of furniture, do not carry it by dragging or rubbing from narrow places. Take care to pack your furniture protective from impacts.
* Keep your furniture away from damp, dusty and environments and protect it from direct sunlight.
* For any reason, do not stand or sit on the arms and back of your furniture.
* Do not put any fluid and explosive material in the chest section of your furniture. Be careful not to put heavy items in these sections.
* Do not let your children play with moving mechanisms.
* Keep your pets away from your furniture.